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Maragogi, AL - Camping do Sávio (english version)

Camping pela praia"Here, even sadness jumps for joy".

This is the phrase used by Savio (Jesus) in a plate found in his camping. I dare say that it's what many people who go there will think later.
   Facing the blue sea of ​​Ponta de Mangue, the camping of Jesus , as it is known, is more like a touch of heaven. For those who like to enjoy a bit of peace, enjoy nature, the sea, natural pools, to see aquatic life (corals, fish and countless other beings that can be seen in clear water), surely there will be no repentance.
Sávio (Jesus)   About the camping, it is one of the best I've ever been. Besides the beautiful scenery, Jesus lays out the maximum of tents, which avoid the environment becomes disorganized.
   There is a different option for those who do not like camping: he also rents rooms, separate from camping area. While the daily camping is $10.00 per person, the cabins is $35 per room.
   The campground has restrooms for male and female, power outlet, refrigerator for use by campers, dining table, grill (you need only take coal) and parking. For leisure, Jesus offers kayaks ($7.50 / hour) and dive masks for rent, besides giving windsurfing lessons. Next to it also has jetskis ($ 25.00 / 15 minutes).
   Well, the only thing I have to say - as well as all visitors recorded in the booklet of "testimony" of Jesus - is that I will return soon to my peace of heaven.

For those who come by car from direction Alagoas-Pernambuco here there are some tips:
- Ignore the sign to Maragogi because the camping is a bit more forward, in Ponta do Mangue.
- You will see 2 gas stations very close to each other, the last one is yellow.
- A little after the 2nd gas station, you'll see a radio antenna on the right track and enter the street soon afterwards. The street name is Estrela do Mar (if not this, it's some similar name).

Tel.: (81) 9428.9100 / (82) 3296.9182

 Camping Sávio - Alagoas

Map - Ponta do Mangue - Alagoas - Camping de Jesus (Sávio)

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CRA disse...

For all people from UE or others that like to CAMPING, this is a SUSTAINABLE camping that I would recommend. But pay attention, this is a NATURAL CAMPING, so don't aspect the same as in Europe. I went this year with my 3 kids and they wnat to return... maybe in Christmas.

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